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Healthy Lifestyles


New Mexico ranks 50th in childhood wellbeing, so we're doing our part to ensure that our members know how to make healthy choices for their minds, bodies, and souls. Club members are more likely to refrain from drug and alcohol use, and are less likely to get in physical fights.


Along with programs offered, we also offer mental health and other wraparound resources as needs arise. 


Triple Play

Triple Play is a comprehensive health and wellness program. It strives to improve the overall health of Club members ages 6-18 by increasing daily physical activity, teaching them about good nutrition and helping them develop healthy relationships.


ALL STARS engages Club members 6-18 yrs in high-quality organized flag football, basketball, and soccer programs.

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SMART Moves is a prevention and education program addressing problems such as drug and alcohol use and violence.

OJJDP Opioid Prevention

A Social Worker and Prevention Specialist work with specific club locations to educate and prevent drug use. Some club members are assigned mentors who help them find their purpose and drive them towards positive futures.

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